St. Mary Big River Parish School

Tuition is $100 per semester ($200 total for the year). Please note that tuition does not correlate with numbers of class meetings. Hence, it is the same for each semester, even though we meet more often in the spring. Nor does tuition change if a student misses a class or classes, or even if I am sick or have a meeting and must miss a class. I am using this approach for two reasons: I want the course to be a bargain, and I want tuition to be easily kept track of. I hope this seems fair and reasonable.

Tuition Payment: The preferred method is larger payments ($25, $50, $100), with full semester tuition payable by the third-to-the-last week of each semester (Dec. 1st and Apr. 20th). Having said that, I am flexible, and sensitive to family financial needs. I prefer payments by check, so as to more easily keep accounts, though cash in a sealed envelope with the student’s/family’s name on it is certainly fine. Again, all of this is to help keep us organized.

Multiple Child Discount: If a family has a second child enrolled, then that child’s tuition is only half the usual: $50 per semester, $100 per year. Each additional child beyond two likewise pays only half tuition. Thus, a family with two students would pay a total for the full year of $300, three children, $400, etc. Some or all of this tuition can be paid using the work-for-tuition option (below).

Tuition Alternative: Work for Tuition! In the past, I have gladly accepted, and I want to emphasize gladly, labor in lieu of tuition. I will continue that policy this year. Each student works on our hobby farm with my wife and I supervising. The work may be on the grounds or in the house. The rate is one hour of labor per $10 of tuition. So that means a typical student would do ten hours of labor in a given semester, twenty for the whole year. We typically schedule work days for five hours. The spring semester labor could be done in the summer following the end of the course. I will email families with work day dates, but can also work with individual family schedules. This work-for-tuition option may be exercised for one or both semesters. Please only choose this option if you feel your child or children will have time to fulfill their obligation. In the past, students have helped with stacking firewood, gardening, painting outbuildings, fencing, and the like. Also, siblings not in my classes sometimes have put in hours which can be credited to the family’s account. So a student and a non-student sibling could work a five hour day together, and satisfy the full $100 semester tuition obligation. We will try early in each semester to tell folks when the work days will be.

Registration: While there is no formal registration process or paperwork, would you kindly email me as soon as is convenient, providing me with the student’s or students’ name/s, age/s, and which class each student will be enrolled in. Also, you might indicate your chosen payment method (work-for-tuition, payment, or a combination), though this information can be determined at a later date.

Other Policies:

Dress and Gadget Code: Business casual (nice jeans acceptable). Modest dress (no tight jeans or yoga pants, no tight tops, no short shorts or short skirts, etc.). Boys: no caps or hats in class. Electronic gadgets should be left in the car or otherwise stowed away to avoid distractions.

Promptness: Please do your best to have your student(s) arrive on time to class, and avoid leaving class early unless absolutely unavoidable. Students should not mill around outside the school or outside the classroom, but rather, they should be in their seats by class time.

Missing Class: If at all possible, please have your child email me in advance if he or she will miss class.

Books and Materials: Please be sure to purchase, or get from the library, any books prior to their being assigned in class. Students should always come to class with a notebook and pen or pencil.

Use of the School: Father and the parish are kind enough to allow us to use the school. Let’s keep it neat and orderly and leave it in the same (or better) condition than that in which we found it. I will assign students/families to take turns tidying the room each week after class.

Also, because Friday is the day our professional cleaner comes in, the school is generally not available for other use, since the cleaner must be able to do her work efficiently. Therefore, if parents and siblings of students plan to stay on parish grounds during class time, they should plan to use the church basement. If you have concerns about this policy, please talk to Mrs. Beurskens.